Our 2nd Word Millionaire!

We are extremely proud to announce our second word millionaire!  William received his certificate, special badge and prize in assembly this morning and was then spotted heading out for lunch with his reading book tucked under his arm!!  What an inspiration! – Well Done William!!

Hanukkah and Advent

In assembly this morning we learnt all about the Jewish festival of Hanukkah.  Hanukkah is celebrated by families having special meals together and exchanging gifts.  Candles are lit to symbolise the presence of God.  We noticed that light and candles are used in many religions as a symbol of hope or God.

We marked the first week of Advent by lighting the first  candle on our special advent wreath that Reverend Such introduced with us last week.  Our wreath was created by Mrs Watts with holly from her garden. 

Children In Need

We have had a fantastic day raising money for Children In Need!  The children particularly enjoyed throwing wet sponges at some very brave teachers!  The penalty shoot out and ‘Just Dance’ competitions were also very popular.

A special mention must go to ARP who helped to organise and run the day.  They have manned stalls, helped with activities and shown great enthusiasm throughout.  Thank you ARP!!!!!  

Our First Reading Millionaire!!

We are incredibly proud to announce that we have a ‘Reading Millionaire’ in our school!  Since starting our ‘Accelerated Reader’ system in Key Stage Two in September we have noticed a huge increase in enthusiasm for reading, and the amount of words being read each week.  We are amazed to have a pupil who has read a million words already!  Well done Madiha, you are an inspiration to us all!  Let’s see how many more ‘millionaires’ we can create at Rushall!

Well done also to our fabulous ‘Star Readers’ this week who have received certificates for their exceptional effort in reading and comprehension.  We are very proud of you all!

Diwali Celebrations!

This week we have been finding out all about Diwali! We are very lucky to have children in our school who celebrate Diwali and are happy to share their experiences with us. 

Today we have some very special visitors in school; ‘Lions of Bhangra’.  We are so excited to be learning how to do Bhangra dancing! Look out for more pictures on our class blogs, coming soon!!

A Democratic Vote!

As part of our work on ‘British Values’ we have been learning all about democracy and the importance of voting.  This week we have voted on what we will wear and do to raise money for Children In Need on Friday.  Look out for our Pudsey related pictures, coming soon…………..

Rushall Remembers…

As part of our current whole school topic, ‘I Remember’ we have had a week dedicated to learning about WW1 and WW2.  We have learnt war time songs and dances, baked war time recipes and played conkers, jacks and marbles.  Finally we took part in a special Remembrance assembly followed by our Tea Dances and War Time Bake Off which was judged by our school governors.  We have had a fabulous week immersed in the past, thank you to all of the staff and parents for making this so special and memorable for our children.

Attendance Ted!

Attendance Ted has announced that the winners of our shield for the best attendance in the first half of the Autumn term are………Year 5!!!!  Well done Year 5!!

Spotted at Lunch Time!

We have been delighted this week to spot children enjoying reading in their break times and lunch times!  This enthusiasm for reading is fantastic to see children, keep up the good work!

St John Ambulance Promise Ceremony

Well done to our Badger group who made their St John Ambulance promise this week along with Mrs Lloyd and Miss Faulkner.  They looked immaculate in their uniforms and marched beautifully before making their promises.

St John Ambulance have also been in school today to teach essential life saving skills.  During our assembly all children in years 1-6 were taught basic life saving skills including CPR.  We then had the opportunity to practise on dummies.