Crossbow Education Project

Real Life Learning – Year Four and Five Apprentice Hopefuls in Training! We were recently approached by Mr Hext the managing director of Crossbow Education to help with a very special project. Crossbow Education make a range of educational resources that help children to learn effectively in the classroom. One of their products is a reading ruler which helps children who experience visual stress to read more comfortably. Mr Hext asked is we could help him with his latest marketing campaign. We were set the task of making posters which would encourage schools from all around the country to buy the reading rulers. A challenge which we were keen to take on!

To produce our posters, we carried out lots of research into Crossbow Education, the benefits of their reading rulers and what makes a successful marketing campaign. We also got to find out about how Mr Hext markets and sells his education resources, creates his catalogue and website and how he has grown his business from a small caravan into a large successful company that sells products all around the world. Finally, we had the chance to participate in a real marketing campaign as we helped him to organise and run a professional photoshoot for his latest catalogue in which we took a starring role. We all learnt lots! Look out for us on the next series of the BBC’s Apprentice!

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