Climate Change Pioneers!

We have been extremely impressed with the response to our recent enrichment homework question; ‘How can we stop the ice melting?’  We have been inundated with power point presentations, films, models and posters giving excellent advice and information as to how we can all help.

On Thursday 28th March, we were fortunate enough to meet Professor Gatrad, Consultant Paediatrician at Walsall Manor Hospital. He wasn’t here to talk about keeping children healthy though…. Professor Gatrad founded WASUP – Walsall Against Single Use Plastics. This initiative aims to raise awareness of the problem of single use plastics and how we can all help to combat it. He has already visited many Walsall schools and is hoping to visit them all by the time this school year draws to an end.

Professor Gatrad shared with us images showing why Single Use Plastics are a huge problem. Not only do they make our environment look unsightly but wild animals are suffering terribly as well as humans. Fish are now being found with small pieces of plastic in their stomachs and humans are eating those fish. This is not good and Professor Gatrad is asking all Walsall school children to think about how they and their families can reduce their use of single use plastics.

Examples that we discussed included:

•Take your own shopping bags to the supermarket

•Avoid using straws

•Use reusable cups when ordering drinks

•Use a bamboo toothbrush or electric toothbrush

•Don’t place fruit and vegetables in plastic bags at the supermarket – leave them loose

•When recycling, wash all packaging that you put in the recycling bin; dirty packaging contaminates the waste and it cannot be recycled meaning it ends up in landfill!

Professor Gatrad showed us the WASUP salute which was really simple and a great way to show that we are all thinking about reducing our use of single use plastics. There is also a song coming out very soon that has been written and composed by three Walsall schools. We’re looking forward to learning it!

What’s happening at Rushall? Our kitchen staff have already replaced the single use plastic cups used for our yoghurts and puddings with pretty reusable plastic bowls and we have been using proper cutlery and crockery for a while now too. We will hopefully be getting rid of our sauce sachets soon in favour of bigger pump action bottles that would be refilled less often hence creating less waste.

In the near future, the children of Rushall will be getting involved with local canal and street cleans, working alongside other schools as well as people from Home Serve, McDonalds, Tesco, the Scouts and the Canal and Rivers Trust. We are passionate about helping our environment and doing everything we can to reduce our use of single use plastics. WASUP over and out!

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