Perfect Patience!

Our value this term is ‘Patience’. We have been thinking very carefully about what patience means and times when it is important to be patient. The children made some very good suggestions such as doing ‘Good Waiting’ and remaining calm in many situations at home and school. These included waiting for your lunch; waiting to take turns, waiting in a traffic jam or a bus queue and waiting for a special day such as your birthday. We also discussed the importance of being patient with others who may need to take more time or need more help to do things than we do.

Here are some examples of art work that the children have produced on the theme of ‘patience’.

A new adventure for the Rushall Dragon!

A special message from the Rushall Dragon Newspaper Team: Lauren, Eleanor, Matthew, Louie, Arthur and David.

This year, we have decided to embrace creativity and technology by developing the first Rushall Dragon blog. After developing our school newspaper over the past few years we have realised that an increasing amount of people stay up-to date with current affairs online as opposed to a printed version. We too want to adapt in an ever-changing world and will now produce a weekly blog. Please can you inform us of any ideas or suggestions for our new blog.

We hope that you too enjoy our adapted way of reporting the news. Look out for the Rushall Dragon blog coming very soon!

Raring to Read at Rushall!

We start the new term by sending huge congratulations to La’Myah who achieved word ‘millionaire’ status at the end of the summer term. We are so proud of you La’Myah, and of all of our enthusiastic and dedicated readers. It is wonderful to see some children taking their books outside at lunchtime too – let’s see how many new millionaires we can create this year!