VE Day Celebrations!

On the 8th May it is the 75th anniversary of VE day – the day that people celebrated the end of World War Two in Europe. When we planned our celebrations back at the beginning of the school year we could never have imagined that we would not be able to do them in the way that we intended. The last few weeks have probably taught us all more about WW2 and how life changed for people than any lesson could possibly have done. We can appreciate how happy people must have felt after enduring six years at war. We know that lots of you will be marking the day at home and maybe having mini tea parties. We would love to hear all about it! We also know that some amazing enrichment homework projects have been completed – these will be displayed proudly when we all return to school.

Here on the Celebration blog we are taking a look back at how we celebrated Remembrance in 2018. We hope that whatever you are doing on the May Bank Holiday VE Day anniversary that you enjoy it, and have a wonderful day with your families.

Stay safe, with lots of love from all of the staff at Rushall XX

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