Caring at Rushall

We are so impressed with the wonderful work that our children have created on our new value; ‘caring’. The children have thought about caring in many different contexts, and of different ways that they can care for and be considerate of others.

As part of our autumn term curriculum we are reflecting on what has happened during the lockdown and thinking about the positive aspects that have emerged. Our appreciation of carers and NHS staff in particular has grown throughout this time and the children are enjoying learning all about the history of nursing. At harvest time this year we will be thinking of all of the people who help our food get to us in a way that we may not have done previously.

We are also thinking about all of the ways in which we can care for our planet. We now know just what a difference we could make having seen all that happened during the lockdown; animals appearing in new places, the sky appearing more blue, lower pollution levels to name a few.

Our resident pigeon family has had an eventful week with the two babies finally venturing out of their nest as you can see here under the watchful eye of their Dad.

We are so proud of our children and it has been a pleasure to begin our class based ‘Golden Moments’ assemblies where we can celebrate all kinds of achievements and acts of kindness together. Thank you to all parents, grandparents, and carers who have sent in nominations, we love having nominations from home. If you would like to nominate your child please send the details into our school email,

An Exciting Discovery!

We have discovered that some wood pigeons have made their nest in the ivy outside our school offices. It has been a fantastic opportunity to observe our new school value, ‘caring’ in action as the parent birds care for their two babies. Watch this space for more pigeon news soon!!

Welcome back to school!

We are delighted to welcome our children back to school! We have been so impressed with the maturity and independence they have shown as they have returned. It is wonderful to have our building full of noise and fun again too! We can’t wait to meet all of our youngest children as they begin their journeys with us.