Ukraine Fundraiser

Yesterday our children held a fund raising afternoon to help all those affected by the terrible situation in Ukraine. We couldn’t be more proud of our children for coming to us with this idea and for their amazing initiative and enthusiasm in organising and holding such an event. Many children made items such as badges and bracelets at home and many were involved in careful planning and organisation of the event. We had a craft area and a penalty shoot out as well as various stalls selling bookmarks, wish bracelets and cakes.

Donations can still be made via our School Money app and all proceeds will be donated to The Salvation Army.

A very special moment as a group of our brass players performed ‘Lean On Me’.

A massive thank you to the children in year five and six who originally came to us with this idea and to all of year five and six for their help in organising everything. Thank you also to Miss Maeer and ARP for their help with co-ordinating the helpers and enabling the children to lead this event. Well done everyone, you have made us incredibly proud!

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