Dogs Trust Visit March 2023

On Wednesday 22nd March we were very lucky to have a special visitor in school from the ‘Dogs Trust’.  The dogs trust is a charity that cares for dogs and promotes dog safety. 

Our day began with a whole school assembly where we learned how to stand safely is a dog approaches us and how to greet a dog appropriately in a non threatening way.  We also learned how to keep ourselves safe in different situations such as what to do if a dog knocked us over.

Following our assembly years 1-5 took part in workshops including ‘Safety and Senses’, ‘Happy Dog Rules’, and ‘Dog Detectives’.  Claire is returning to school in the summer term to do a workshop with year 6.

Please find some links below:

 YouTube channel with cool tricks the children can teach their dogs:   

A leaflet about building confidence, for those who find dogs worrying: )  

If you would like to make a donation to the dogs trust this is possible through the School Money app.

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