Sports Days 2023!

We have had wonderful weather for our sporting events this year and it was lovely to see our children showcasing their talents! From the traditional egg and spoon to the sprints, relays and throwing events it was great to see all of the skills learned in action.

We are incredibly proud of our children, not only for their sporting success, but also their willingness to participate and their sportsmanship which was superb. We heard so many children being cheered on and encouraged through all of the events and it was lovely to see everyone being happy to have a go.

A special mention must go to our ARP children who joined in with great gusto and enthusiasm – well done ARP!!

Congratulations also to our toddlers and parents who were very good sports for joining in! We hope that you enjoyed it as much as we did; we are hoping that the beautiful weather continues for our Arts Festival which is coming up on July 6th.

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