Harvest Festival 2019

We would like to congratulate all of our children for their stunning performances during our Harvest celebrations last week. We had superb singing, signing and poetry recitals that were performed with fantastic confidence and enthusiasm! We are particularly proud of the confidence shown by our youngest children who have only just started in Nursery or Reception – Well done!!

Thank you parents for the amazing amount of food that was donated – this has been gratefully received by the food bank at Pelsall Methodist Church.

Macmillan Coffee Morning

An enormous thank you to the newly formed ‘Rushall Family’ and Miss Faulkner for organising our Macmillan coffee morning which was held last Friday!! It was lovely to see this event so well attended and the cakes and samosas were delicious! We raised an incredible £307.18!! Thank you so much to all who attended/ supported this event and to all of our star bakers!

Perfect Patience!

Our value this term is ‘Patience’. We have been thinking very carefully about what patience means and times when it is important to be patient. The children made some very good suggestions such as doing ‘Good Waiting’ and remaining calm in many situations at home and school. These included waiting for your lunch; waiting to take turns, waiting in a traffic jam or a bus queue and waiting for a special day such as your birthday. We also discussed the importance of being patient with others who may need to take more time or need more help to do things than we do.

Here are some examples of art work that the children have produced on the theme of ‘patience’.

A new adventure for the Rushall Dragon!

A special message from the Rushall Dragon Newspaper Team: Lauren, Eleanor, Matthew, Louie, Arthur and David.

This year, we have decided to embrace creativity and technology by developing the first Rushall Dragon blog. After developing our school newspaper over the past few years we have realised that an increasing amount of people stay up-to date with current affairs online as opposed to a printed version. We too want to adapt in an ever-changing world and will now produce a weekly blog. Please can you inform us of any ideas or suggestions for our new blog.

We hope that you too enjoy our adapted way of reporting the news. Look out for the Rushall Dragon blog coming very soon!

Raring to Read at Rushall!

We start the new term by sending huge congratulations to La’Myah who achieved word ‘millionaire’ status at the end of the summer term. We are so proud of you La’Myah, and of all of our enthusiastic and dedicated readers. It is wonderful to see some children taking their books outside at lunchtime too – let’s see how many new millionaires we can create this year!

Be Internet Legends

We had an assembly from Google Be Internet Legends on Monday. The whole of KS2 became internet legends. The assembly told us how to make the most of the internet, how to make smart decisions.

To become internet legends we had to make the legends pledge after we found out all about Interland and how to stay safe online.

The legends pledge:

Children and parents can access Interland here – https://beinternetlegends.withgoogle.com/en_uk/interland

We will continue to use the pledge and Interland as part of our Online Safety Curriculum in KS2.

Pelsall Carnival 2019!

Following our excitement at winning third prize at the WASUP exhibition, on Saturday we went on to win first prize for our stunning icy ‘eco-themed’ carnival float! We also won first prize for our walking group thanks to our fabulous team of carnival dancers! This is a fantastic achievement! Thank you so much to all of the children, staff and parents who have helped. We are so proud, well done Team Rushall!!!

WASUP Exhibition Success!

On Friday evening representatives from our school attended the launch of the WASUP exhibition at Walsall College. Schools from across the borough took part in the exhibition which promoted the WASUP campaign; “Walsall Against Single Use Plastic”, led by Professor Gatrad. The event was attended by many schools and representatives from local businesses and community groups as well as the Mayor of the West Midlands, Andy Street. Professor Gatrad explained to us that the campaign has become so successful it will now be known as “World Against Single Use Plastic”!

We were delighted to find that our tree, created with our eco-brick bottles, leaves and messages had won third prize! What an amazing achievement! Here we are proudly holding our trophy. Let’s hope our messages inspire others to stop using single use plastic as we have.

Outstanding Enrichment Homework!

We are so impressed with the range and quality of enrichment homework that has come into school based on our whole school topic; ‘Americas’. From presentations and research projects to models and art work the level of engagement and detail is amazing!

We have learned so much about native Americans; from how their feathers were used as symbols, to how they believed dream catchers could catch the bad dreams and send good ones through the feathers to the children sleeping below.

Most of all we have learned how resourceful they were and how much they respected the earth and nature. We have learned that their messages about the earth and the environment are very pertinent today. Look out for our WASUP ‘Walsall Against Single Use Plastic’ sculpture exhibition entry, coming to the celebration blog soon!

Police Praise for Year 6!

We are delighted to have received the following letter from Timothy Littlehales of West Midlands Police regarding his visit to year 6 on Tuesday. Well done year 6, as Tim says you are a credit to our school and we are extremely proud of you!!

“Just a further note from my visit yesterday. What a pleasure it was to deliver the input to year 6 students. The behaviour was impeccable and the two way dialogue between themselves and myself was great. When we were speaking about the importance of community and what makes a good community and what can make a dangerous community they all had their hands up waiting to give me the answer.

We then moved onto knife crime and their knowledge that they had was very good and the awareness of knife crime incidents on the news and media was excellent. Even when I went on to talk about Joint Enterprise they were aware that they could all be in trouble for a particular offence and not just the person who committed the offence.

When I went on to talk about who can help in the community they were all coming out with Teachers/school, parents and family members, police, good neighbours etc but one young man said WHG ( Walsall Housing Group ) who helped his family to get a house, which was great as social housing organisations are also embedded in local communities and offer help and support and a raft of other initiatives.

If the rest of the students in the surrounding schools around Pelsall, Rushall and Aldridge are anything to go by your year 6 students then I do feel those locations will be in safe hands for the future.

What a credit to your school.

Regards Tim”